Receptionist Room Escape

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Grace works as a receptionist at this office and for the day, there are less guests. That’s good for her though for she has a lot of time to finish all the work that she needs to get done there. She was currently on the cleaning-up of some of the records there in the other rooms when something weird happened, and that’s she could no longer escape this room where she was because the door was now sealed shut!

Grace have no idea what’s happening and her emotions are mixing-up right-now, there was concern, a bit of fear, and a sense of abandonment. At the moment she was currently alone at the office for the boss went-out for a bit, that’s why she is all alone there and she has no help. Lucky for her though you came in escape players, after trying to find-out what’s happening there and why the receptionist wasn’t where she is suppose to be, you came to figure-out what’s actually happening there, and that’s because she is trapped! Escape players, you are now on the task here to help Grace the receptionist, will you be able to give assistance so she can escape?

Receptionist Room Escape is the newest point and click rescue escape game created by Games 2 Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Receptionist Room Escape

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