Rec Center Escape

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Rec Center Escape is an exciting point and click building escape game developed by Selfdefiant! Enjoy more fun escapes with us in a complex compound here.

Paul unfortunately mentioned that he finds the rec center creepy especially at night, and that information was used by his friend for a prank in there though after they get a drink. A few hours passed and it was evening, the two then returned to the rec center for Paul’s friend was going to execute his plan without his friend knowing. Paul’s friend was quick on his scheme and when they entered, his friend suddenly walked-out and locked the place! Paul was both impressed and disappointed for he can’t believe that he got caught into a prank, the impressed part was because his friend did all this while he was drunk.

Paul needs to find his way out of the rec center for it was creepy for him and he is getting quite uneasy. His friend surely abandoned him now to make his prank more powerful. Paul needs to show that he ain’t going to be taken-over by his drunk friend’s plan, escape players care to try the escape adventure here with Paul and see if you can all leave the rec center successfully? Good luck everyone, have fun!

Walkthrough video for Rec Center Escape


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