Real Life House Escape Game

Real Life House Escape

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Your friend wanted to introduce you to her other friend. She dreamed of you all hanging out together. And the way she saw to do it was to let you both stay at her house. She was to stay there with you. However, she was needed in her company. She promised to come back early and left hastily. It was awkward between you and her other friend. You were not very sociable and she seemed to be the same. You wanted to respect her space. So you moved to the other side of the house near the window to feel some fresh air. You had no idea why, but it seemed so tense between you two. Then after a few minutes, you saw her go out of the house. She got inside her car. And the she left without even looking back.

You thought maybe your friend called her over or something. You went back to the room you were sitting in a while ago. There wasn't even a note or anything. You tried calling your friend but the phone was busy. You didn't want to be inside her house alone for a long time. So you decided to step outside for a while and enjoy the breeze. But you couldn't. Play Real Life House Escape room escape game by WoW Escape.

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