Reading Boy Escape

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Children should not frolic around the town now, for the circus have come and people also came in masses, they can easily get lost there or even worst! For there are bad people who mixes with the people there and their intentions are really of concern for everyone. There was this boy who lives in the place and being indoors really makes him happy, that’s because he is kind of introverted and he would just like to read books all day and he enjoys that, that means he won’t be a problem unlike the other kids there who really wants to go out with their friends. But never did his father know though that his son will be the one in trouble and it’s kind of surreal for he just stays indoors!

His father Allan found him no more in the living-room where he usually stays! He is no longer there and he called and called but there was no response! Allan is very concerned now, for this had never happened before and he fears that his kid might have went to the circus alone and without his permission! Escape players, will you help Allan here find his son then the earliest? This should not take long for every minute could be vital for him.

Reading Boy Escape is a brand new point and click rescue escape game released by Games 4 King.

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Walkthrough video for Reading Boy Escape

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