Ratatouille Mouse Escape

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There was a new dish Remy had invented and of course as one of the new and trusted friend of Linguini’s, you have been invited to their home to have a little taste of it. You really are expecting something great there, for the first time you have tasted food from Remy, that definitely took you somewhere and now, this new one which they said they just made can be so. As you arrived at the place and of course secretly for Remy is pretty much still a secret, something was actually happening in their house and somebody needs help!

There was only Linguini in the house and no Remy, he was panicking too and you were confused what was happening. It was then that he told you that Remy just got trapped in a room there and it’s one which was completely sealed! That means even Remy who was a rat could not escape from there! Linguini already told him not to gnaw stuff in the room as he will be trying to get him out through the front-door. Okay now there are two heads here for Remy’s rescue, escape players will you be up for this rescue here for Remy and quickly as well? For this is starting to become a problem.

Ratatouille Mouse Escape is the newest point and click indoor rescue escape game from 8b Games.

Walkthrough video for Ratatouille Mouse Escape


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