Rat Land Escape

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Cole was just a tourist here roaming a land he is not really familiar of, it was good at first as their tour guide is really guiding them well to beautiful sights in the country. But when they had the free day however, Cole really went off the edge with his less beaten track adventure here, for he went to the so called rodent forest just to see the place! It was also a site to visit but it wasn’t in the itinerary, so Cole decided he’ll spend his free time there. Little did he know that decision will give him quite of a problem there.

Cole ventured into the place and what he saw there was at first beauty and lushness of the place, there were different kinds of rodents there indeed but all were skittish and would run from his presence. Everything was doing well until, his adventure turned into something of a misadventure thanks to the thick vegetation there. One wrong turn and he got lost for he could no longer see the paths! Maybe he took a split or maybe took a false path here, but this now is indeed a problem and it could get much worst if he doesn’t solve this soon. Cole is both regretting and not regretting his adventure here, but he needs to get out of the place safely if he wants to learn the lesson and remember this experience in the far future. So will you help him out escape players so he can escape the place safely?

Rat Land Escape is another new point and click wilderness escape game made by 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.

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Walkthrough video for Rat Land Escape

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