Rainforest Landscape Jungle Escape Game

Rainforest Landscape Jungle Escape

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The rainforest is a really obstructed place mostly of foliage and when one enters in such, they will really feel that they are in the great wilderness. Well actually they are for when they enter from a point in there, it is miles of open wilderness then. Ricky lives near that wilderness and every time he enters there, he gets even farther and that day he even wants to go even far! Ricky travels the forest as usual and he just follows the forest's path which he created. He just wants to explore and discover more in the forest but that day though, he will discover the dark side of traveling into an uncharted place.

Ricky kept moving further and even though he goes through some foliage with less resistance just to make a path, the vegetation is still pretty thick, that is one factor how Ricky met the dark side of traveling into the forest, for that got him lost! Ricky knows to turn back the way he came when he gets lost, but when he did it seems that it got him even more lost! This is not good, for getting lost in such a place is really dangerous, more so when the sun sets. Escape players, will you help Ricky here so he can get home before the worst of the situation comes?

Rainforest Landscape Jungle Escape is a brand new point and click wilderness escape game from Big Escape Games.

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