Racetrack Escape Game

Racetrack Escape

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The last thing you remembered was getting off your race car. This was one of your biggest secrets. No one really knew you were into this sport. Your father owned a very wide racetrack that became your playground when you were younger. You had your own customized car that you can use to race around the track. Your mother was so against the idea but your father loved every moment of it. Whenever he got the chance, he would design new tracks or new cars for you. He was always excited to see you trying out his designs. Sometimes he wouldn’t even open the tracks to the public especially when you were practicing. You got better and better at it yet your mother didn’t want you to join any competitions. Your father somehow felt the same as he was worried about your safety.

You tried to stop yourself from thinking too much about the race. But it just wouldn’t leave your mind. So you decided to stay in a foreign land for a while to join any race you could find. Things didn’t went smoothly though. Your crew wasn’t with you and you even found yourself waking up in a racetrack. Play Racetrack Escape room escape game made by Selfdefiant.

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