Raccoon Escape

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Raccoon is your favorite animal on earth. They are the cutest for your eyes and you really love their whiskers. Not only that, you also love their gray fur and that makes them adorable. You always go to the forest to feed them but looks like this won’t happen today. You were walking through the forest when you saw a raccoon in a cage. He can’t just lock himself inside the cage so you believe that a hunter did this to him. Your heart can’t take this scene so you have to find a quick way to help the raccoon to escape from the cage. The problem is, you don’t have the key that can unlock the cage. Because of this, you have to look for another way to unlock it. You have to roam around the forest and collect items that you can use to open the door.

However, all of those items would be useless if you will not use your logic to make it as an escape tool. The hunter might come back in a few minutes so you have to be quick. Play Raccoon Escape outdoor escape game from NSR Games and use your logic to solve this puzzle. Good luck!