Rabbit Escape (Avm Games) Game

Rabbit Escape (Avm Games)

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It is such a nice day to walk through the forest so this is what you did. There are so many animals that you saw along the way. There are goats, ducks, cats and dogs. But the thing that you want to see is the rabbit. So, you walked around the forest until you finally saw one. However, the rabbit is not in a good place. It is in a cage and seems like it is struggling to come out. The rabbit is too cute to be in that cage. Maybe some hunters did this to the rabbit. You have to find a way to rescue the rabbit as soon as possible. Since you don't have the key that can open the cage, you have to look for items. Items that you can use to unlock the cage quickly.

There are some puzzles that you will encounter as you try to open the cage. With that, you need to use your logic to solve those. The hunters might come back soon as you have to help the rabbit as fast as you can. Rabbit Escape is the newest outdoor escape game from Avm Games that will test your logic. Have fun!

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