Queen Turkey Mysterious Escape Game

Queen Turkey Mysterious Escape

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In your farm lives a royalty of turkeys. You got them from your uncle who raises them for Thanksgiving. He always makes a lot of profit during this time of the year. And when he made it big, he gave you these turkeys. So you treat them like royalties. They have a place of their own and receive a treatment they deserve. Some of your neighbors are calling you crazy for taking care of turkeys in such ways. But you just turn a deaf ear towards them. They don't know what they're talking about. And you have no plans to tell them about your secrets. These creatures aren't like the ordinary ones. They don't produce any eggs which means you can't have many of them. However, they produce jewels. You keep them inside their house so no one can see the jewels.

You don't know how long they'll live. But you know that you just have to make them as comfortable as possible and make your fortune while you still can. Then one night, you hear a crash from their house. You immediately look out the window to see the queen turkey in the arms of a man running away. Play Queen Turkey Mysterious Escape is an outdoor escape game by Games 2 Rule.

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