Queen Of Spades Escape Game

Queen Of Spades Escape

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Your neighborhood was a very quiet one. There were no chaotic incident that happened in the years you were staying here. But last year, while you were preparing for bed, you heard a few vehicles stopped in front of a house just a few meters away from yours. You wondered who could be transferring houses at that time of the night. Yet your sleepiness won and you didn't get the chance to see who would live in that house. You woke up the next day and hoped to hear someone mention about what you saw last night. However, none of your neighbors may have heard it or none of them care. You tried to walk closer to the house but then a stranger started a conversation with you leading you away from the house. You slowly understood that whoever was inside the house wasn't meant to be discovered.

Weeks passed and your curiosity slowly vanished as well. But just as you were about to forget about everything you saw, you heard a glass broke in one of the houses. You went closer and saw the Queen Of Spades on the window. The queen looked fine but a little confused. So you went over to be of help. Play Queen Of Spades Escape outdoor escape game by Avm Games.

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