Queen Honeybee Escape

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There is a population of some strange bees near the village here and what makes them different from the other normal bees is one, their huge size which was as big as a small dog! They are not to be messed with of course. And two, their queens which were suppose to be protected in their nests can be seen out of it at times. That is definitely a strange trait, their queens are beautiful though and even so when they are out, one should not mess with them still for if their soldiers senses their queen being harassed, then expect being harassed back by thousands of bees. But that day however, something happened with one of a nest’s queens and as a resident of the village, Mark was really pushed to something he wouldn’t do here.

There was this queen bee trapped inside a house there for the door was locked and she can’t get out from it! Mark saw her though from a small hole through the door and when he saw it he immediately stepped back for he knows not to mess with them creatures. But if that queen stays trapped there though her soldiers will come and attack everything in the village! Mark needs to get this queen out of there then and if possible as carefully as he can, for if any danger comes to her then the attack will also commence. Escape players, it’s still safe now for the queen is isolated from the outside world, that means her pheromones cannot get out of there, but even then that’s only a matter of time before her soldiers catch a whiff of it. Want to help Mark here free this giant queen bee and quickly too from the room there?

Queen Honeybee Escape is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game released by Palani Games.

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8 months ago

I don’t understand why players rated this game so low. Yes, the tasks here are quite furious. But Palani actually revives the traditions of true Games4King 2015, when games didn’t give up easy and you had to look a lot. Not only that: often you had a series of clues in your hands, but what did it refer to and how to collect the “key” from this to solving the next puzzle? So Palani is quite gentle and affectionate with us – for example, I passed not using the walkthrough at all and received 12286 points.