Queen Bee Crown Escape

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What makes the land so lush and beautiful is the so called queen bee, and it’s not just any ordinary bee, but a creature that is enchanted and it uses its magic for the betterment of the land! Not everybody knows this, that’s why people just take and take from the place not knowing that something is fighting back, that includes nature too. Ulric however knows this, for he had seen the queen bee before when he got lost in the forest and almost gave-in to death, but the queen bee and her subjects helped him and now he is currently one of the forest’s agents who protects the place. The others though are all animals and they are quite dangerous as well.

Thanks to the queen bee, he now survives, but that day though Ulric never thought he would give back the favor for something happened at the heart of the forest where she lives and she needs all the help that she can get now! One of the treasures of her kingdom had gone missing, but this wasn’t just any treasure though, for the missing item was her crown and it’s most certainly the only thing that is amplifying her powers here! Without it she has very little power in protecting this place. Okay, looks like somebody is sabotaging here, and now all of the agents are out in the search for it and quickly too before this gets worst. Escape players, you will now be playing as Ulric here and he will find that crown at all costs. Will you be of help as well so this problem can be solved as soon as possible?

Queen Bee Crown Escape is the newest point and click item retrieval wilderness escape game from WoW Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Queen Bee Crown Escape

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