Quail Bird Rainforest Escape Game

Quail Bird Rainforest Escape

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The land is filled with quails and they have really thrived in the forest which was hard to venture. Well that's because there are no local tribes in that area which can hunt them or any towns or cities that can slowly dwindle their numbers. But it's also doing a bad thing to the forest in some ways, for everything over in an ecosystem especially animals will affect its balance. One day, Brandon went to the said forest to study why the quails there are really multiplying very quickly, are there no predators there present to decrease their population? That's a question that can be answered once he really gets there.

The trek to the forest took a lot of time from Brandon, so he had to camp from days on end until he finally reached the place. Brandon took everything out in his equipment to study the forest then. He gathered so much data on every turn that he didn't notice he was going too deep in the forest and significantly distant from his camp, no worries though for he has a guideline. But when he checked it however the thing actually snapped at some point along the way! Brandon thought that the vegetation could have cut it through chaffing. This is not good, he needs to get back to camp right-now before it gets dark. Escape players, come and join Brandon here on his attempt to get back to camp before darkness falls. Use everything you can find that can help even the native quails there, they might give you a clue.

Quail Bird Rainforest Escape is a brand new point and click wilderness escape game from Big Escape Games.

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