Puzzle Pursuit 2 Game

Puzzle Pursuit 2

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Puzzle Pursuit 2 is the newest point and click huge abode escape game created by First Escape Games. This game is a continuation of the first one as its sequel. Best of luck!

The mansion is not at all abandoned, in-fact it is being preserved for future generations to see and from time to time, it gets visitors every week, except the night however where only one person is left there which and that's the security guard. One night however, 2 people are in the place for aside from the guard, Randall illegally hid in there somewhere and just came-out from where he was when the night became deep. He is to solve something here and it needs to be done while there is no person inside, well there is only one left and that should give him enough space to work on that something.

After a few hours, Randall successfully retrieved what he was aiming to get and now comes the hard part, escaping! Randall knows that every door here is locked now for the night, but he just hopes that one is open for his companions had prepared for it earlier. Escape players, Randall here needs to find that exit which was open for him to escape, care to join in on the escape here and see if you can all leave without being detected? Good luck then and stay as stealthy as possible.

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