Puzzle Pursuit 2 - 2 Game

Puzzle Pursuit 2 - 2

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Escape players, care to try this escape adventure from a huge attic. Puzzle Pursuit 2 - 2 is the newest point and click old attic escape game created by First Escape Games. This game is a continuation of the first one as its sequel. Best of luck!

Randall tried his best in escaping from the ancient mansion where he illegally entered for a mission, but his attempts to escape from the place had just got worst, now the tunnels he had followed led straight to the attics of the place and it's even morning already! My that exit which was already opened for him was non-existent, but he's already there now and he only has to find the way out soon before the place gets packed, then this mission will be a success.

Escape players, Randall's situation here can easily get worst if he doesn't focus, but he still has a chance for the night guard have not discovered him yet. Care to join in on the escape here and see if you can find the way out of the giant house through the attics of the place? Good luck everyone and may you find the way out there while on Randall's shoes. Have fun!

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