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Puzzle Hunter 01

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As a hunter of treasures and ancient artifacts, Twain was starting to see he was getting somewhere with his career for he had uncovered about this secret story from eons ago. Through his journeys, he found-out about these scattered artifacts across the world and if they are brought together again, something wonderful will happen to the world! Twain doesn't know what kind of wonderful that is, it might be deceit to turn the world to chaos or, it could be indeed wonderful. Twain doesn't want the chaos though for the world seems stable at the moment so he decided not to bring the items together except, he'll still try to find them to see for himself if the story is even real.

Twain have already traveled to different abandoned places and temples, he can't find not even one of the item and he is starting to give-up. Twain have brought himself everywhere and right-now, he is in the desert in what looks like a gypsy camp or something and he thought, maybe he'll find something here like one of those items he was trying to look for and nobody knows what it really is! This is Twain's last attempt on this, the world is big and for all he knows one of those things might have already been destroyed in the medieval times. Want to help Twain here escape players and maybe you can find one of those artifacts with your skills?

Puzzle Hunter 01 is another new point and click retrieval escape game made by First Escape Games.

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