Puzzle Fiesta 02 Game

Puzzle Fiesta 02

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Alvin just keeps going through the abandoned building and it gets worst, well at least this building is no mystery anymore. The building was actually an abandoned hospital and as he goes even further into the place finding the way which he came through, his scariness meter goes even higher on each and every step and that can potentially ruin his focus. Alvin needs to keep going still and if possible, follow the sounds of the festivities outside, will he finally be able to make it out of the abandoned and scary building?

At the moment, Alvin doesn't know if there are people living in the place, there is a possibility though for there are different objects around which might have been used by anybody treating the place as his or her home. Escape players, join Alvin here once again as he looks for his way out of the building safely. Try this escape adventure once again with Alvin, be careful and stay alert as well for there might be somebody living here and he or she might treat you as a trespasser.

Puzzle Fiesta 02 is the newest point and click scary complex escape game from 5n Games. This game is a continuation of the first one as its sequel.

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