Puzzle Fiesta 01 Game

Puzzle Fiesta 01

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There was a fiesta in the city and almost everyone from the immediate towns came to celebrate that yearly celebration of theirs. As one of the villagers of a certain town, Alvin was one of those who joined the fun with his friends. But as the night was getting deeper, the streets becomes extra crowded to the point Alvin and his friends got separated from each other! Alvin needs to get to higher ground if he wants to spot them, so he entered in one of the buildings in the area and it so happens he picked the one that was abandoned! That became a really unfortunate choice though for he actually got trapped in there!

Alvin's dumbest decision ever since he came to the city is when he even said yes to join the night-party, they all know it will become crowded in that time but still they choose to stay, now Alvin is on his own here and any rescue from his friends is quite impossible for they too needs to be rescued as well. Escape players, will you join Alvin here as he escapes the abandoned building and out to the crowd once again?

Bring-out the best of your skills and logic on this one everyone! Puzzle Fiesta 01 is the newest point and click escape game created by 5n Games.

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