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Puzzle Battle

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In-order to pass as a military special ops, June must finish a few hours on his checklist in different activities. All of it were not easy and he had finished through half of the training, now that day it's going to be a forest survival and problem-solving is in it as well with full battle gear and real-life scenarios. June is ready to face the forest which was said to be very dangerous not only for its terrain, but also there are wild animals there which can very well attack people!

June is still a go with that and for his first task, he was air-dropped to a rusty facility and he must try to infiltrate it as well as survive throughout. June doesn't know if there are real people there waiting to attack him or will he even use his firearm, he is ready though for any circumstance as he finishes the mission. June successfully landed and his mission begins, the place is rusty indeed and suspicious, but the mission must be carried-out there so he is ready. Escape players, want to play as June here and see if you can all successfully finish the task and pass this one?

Puzzle Battle is another new point and click escape game made by First Escape Games.

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