Putt Putt Escape Game

Putt Putt Escape

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The Putt Putt golf-course is a golf field built for beginners and by beginners they mean to the very first aspirants of golf and that is the children. Remy knows the place for he lives near it and he had been there before when his nephews and nieces played golf in the place. But that day though when he woke-up from his sleep which he knows he did in the comforts of his home, he found himself in the golf course and that startled him and gave him real confusion.

Remy didn't even go there for months and it came to him too that the course is currently closed due to the world crisis. Why was he even there? Remy thought maybe he slept-walked? But the fence is too high for him to climb on to and how was he going to do that while unconscious? He wasn't dreaming that's for sure too. Something strange is afoot here and it might be very serious too, that's why he needs to escape now and return home before he finds-out the hard way what's really going-on. Escape players, you are welcome to join Remy here on this escape of his from a place he never expects to wake-up into.

Putt Putt Escape is a brand new location escape game from Selfdefiant.

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