Purple Room Escape

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The purple house belongs to your very bubbly neighbor and you really thought since the beginning that there is something wrong with her, you just don’t know it but you are quite the suspicious person and stuff like this really catches your attention. And so that day when she was out of her house you decided to to do the unthinkable, and that is to enter the place and investigate! That is down-right trespassing, but you just couldn’t take it anymore, this needs to be solved and so you can finally close it as well. Well little did you know it’s going to get you into a bit of a problem and from then your suspicions will only elevate.

As you enter the house, you saw that the rooms there were also purple, that’s not too strange. After a few minutes, you just decided to leave for there seems to be no interesting things there and finally you can close this thing. But it’s only then when you were about to leave though that the problem occurred, for you are now trapped in the house! Escape players, you are now trapped in the house and you have no idea why the doors are now locked. Maybe there are actually traps there or a security system? Probably, and now the owner here is about to return and you’ll definitely get arrested for trespassing. Will you be able to escape right now by finding stuff that can help while hopefully without leaving much of a trace then?

Purple Room Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game created by Games 2 Escape.

Walkthrough video for Purple Room Escape


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