Purple Horror Room Escape Game

Purple Horror Room Escape

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Your friend took over the operation of a horror room. But she didn't like the black interior. So she changed it to purple. You were a little doubtful about the impact of the color to the theme of the place. You tried to convince her to keep the black interior. However, she didn't want to change her decision anymore. You wanted to see how people would react to it. Then again, there wasn't that much people in the area. You wanted to talk about the color again when your friend asked you to try out the room. You looked at her waiting for her to tell you she was just joking. But instead, she just looked at you and repeated her request again. You wondered what good it would do. Yet you also wanted to help her out. So you entered the horror room.

You didn't really enjoy such places. You knew the things inside were just made up. Yet you couldn't shake away from your head the thought that they might be real. Your fear got the best of you and you lost your way inside the maze. Running aimlessly wouldn't help though. Play Purple Horror Room Escape room escape game by Games 4 Escape.

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