Puppy Escape From Cage Game

Puppy Escape From Cage

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Puppy Escape From Cage is another new point and click animal rescue escape game made by Games 2 Jolly. Good luck on this rescue adventure here for an innocent puppy!

There was this boy who was a complete and perfect definition of Denis the menace, well probably even worst for he actually torments animals and that's definitely bad behavior which must be corrected. The boy however is as slippery as a fish and who knows where he really lives, he just comes by the neighborhood and does whatever menace things he can think of. Mark had have enough of his evil doings and it's not really the first time he tried to catch him for as a resident in the area, he must maintain the peace as an absolute obligation of every citizen in their area. One day, the boy had it again and Mark almost caught him! But unfortunately, he got away and what he did was something not good typically.

The boy took a puppy from the area and got it inside a cage for who knows what's running in his mind why he did that. The doors of the cage seems to be easy to open, but it's not sensitive enough that he can just remove it, skills and logic must be done here so escape players, care to join on this rescue for the puppy and after that, we can finally catch that boy. Have fun!

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