Pup Escape (Games Zone 15) Game

Pup Escape (Games Zone 15)

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You want to see some birds so you went to the nearby forest. It's such a long way for you to get in the middle of the forest. But for you, everything is worth it for the sake of the birds. However, birds are not what you found in the forest. While you were walking, you heard a dog bark. It seems weird because you don't expect to hear a dog in the forest. But what's more surprising is the fact that the dog is in a cage. He looks so helpless and sad. You believe that everything in the forest should be free. So, you have to help the pup to escape from the cage. However, you don't have the key that can open it. Because of this, you must go around the forest and gather objects that you can use to unlock the cage.

Aside from that, you also have to look for clues that can help you to solve this puzzle. But most importantly, you have to use your logic to be successful. Play Pup Escape (Games Zone 15), the newest room escape game from Games Zone 15 and help the pup to be free like a bird. Good luck!

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