Punishment Prison Escape Game

Punishment Prison Escape

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Try the escape adventure here everyone! Punishment Prison Escape is another new point and click cell-block escape game made by Ekey Games, best of luck to you.

Cedric had been incarcerated for a year now and he knows he is only partially guilty of the crime that had happened a while ago and he knows he deserves the year in prison, but the day finally came of his release and he was happy, well little did he know that there's going to be a huge skirmish in the place and that definitely postponed his release!

At first the power went-out and that was enough to somehow unlock the automatic doors freeing a lot of inmates in the prison! That led to a full-scale riot and Cedric was absolutely lucky his cell did not open, or he knows the guys that doesn't like him will definitely give him a beating. Cedric waited and waited until, the riot died-down, it seems the brawling had stopped and he expects a lot of casualties, it seems awfully silent though and that helped Cedric to decide he'll leave his cell-block and find-out what's happening now or what can he do to help, but will he be able to escape from his room though using his skills and logic as well as the limited items in his room? Escape players, place yourself on Cedric here and let's see if your skillful enough to escape a prison-cell. Have fun!

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