Pumpkin Queen Escape Game

Pumpkin Queen Escape

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You need a pumpkin to decorate your house. However, you don't have extra money to buy one. So, you drove downtown to see what you can get. Along the way, you saw a large pumpkin and it suits well at your backyard. With that, you stole the pumpkin without knowing that you made the biggest mistake of your life. The pumpkin has an owner and it belongs to the Pumpkin Queen. In fact, she is just right there watching you. She is not happy with what you did and she came to teach you a lesson. As a consequence, you have to solve all the puzzles that she gave before she lets you go.

The thing is, those puzzles are not easy but you should not worry too much because there are clues that can help you out. On the other note, those clues are in subtle places so you still have to look for those. You'll have to stay here with the pumpkin queen if you can't solve those so you have to do your best. Pumpkin Queen Escape is another exciting outdoor escape game from Sivi Games that will test your logic and your escape skills. Best of luck!

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