Pumpkin Night Forest Escape Game

Pumpkin Night Forest Escape

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It's Halloween and people are advised not to go to the forest or at least not stray from the pumpkin path which the people created so that nobody would ever be lost again. It's effective though, for the cases of people getting lost there had gone down, but it gone up a bit one day however, for somebody once again got lost in the place and that's Francis who went into the place alone. It's not like he deviated from the path he was suppose to take, but he strongly thought he is under some illusion, for he could no longer find his way back!

At first it was normal, then Francis noticed that he had traveled the path for too long now and he has not yet arrived at his destination, that's when he finally realized that the horrors of the forest which he hears as stories from before have finally made itself known to him! This is not good, pondered Francis. For there is now a huge chance he won't be able to make it out of there, that's according to the tales. Escape players, will you help Francis here escape before he becomes one of the tales of the forest there on Halloween?

Pumpkin Night Forest Escape is another new point and click scary wilderness escape game made by Games 2 Rule.

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