Pumpkin Man Way Escape Game

Pumpkin Man Way Escape

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Pumpkin Man Way Escape is another new point and click huge house escape game made by WoW Escape for more fun and a spooky escape. Good luck!

The huge manor in the outskirts of town is slightly abandoned, for a caretaker comes to it to maintain the things inside and to just check everything there. Rumor has it that the manor is kind of haunted for there are records especially from caretakers who have been to the place about ghostly apparitions moving about around it, but it's just that and no harmful other things would occur. Well one day, Harvey who happens to live by the manor got really curious of it, so he decided to make his entrance there while the caretaker is currently away. He will definitely come to regret that though, for when he came inside and ventured around the halls, he got absolutely lost in it!

Harvey got really concerned of what he did when he realized he was lost now, for not only that he was trespassing in the place, the stories of the manor being haunted is slowly coming back to him! He really has to force himself out now before his situation in the manor gets worst. Escape players, you are very welcome to try the escape here from an old and luxurious house with Harvey. Have fun on this one then everyone!


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