Pumpkin Man Garden Escape Game

Pumpkin Man Garden Escape

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The entire land Tim had entered belongs to the pumpkin man! That guy is the stuff of legends and nightmares, but some people come to claim him as real but only a few would believe, for that being does not really show itself off and is often hiding, that's until if one wonders into its territory then things changes. According to the stories, one will know if they are in the territory of the pumpkin man if they find pumpkins decorated all-over the area, like a garden of pumpkins and it's surreal looking for it is not a typical sight, then one will know that they are standing on pumpkin man's soil.

It's not a typical find still for one doesn't really usually find the place, but for Tim however he got lucky! Or unlucky, for he found the place and because he knows the story, he decided to leave quickly that instant but it seems that he could no longer find his way out! This is not good, for Tim doesn't want to meet that pumpkin man and slowly the stories are starting to come true in his situation there. Escape players, will you help Tim so he can be free from what seems to be the pumpkin man's terrain illusions?

Pumpkin Man Garden Escape is a brand new point and click outdoor escape game released by WoW Escape.

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