Pumpkin House In Limache Escape Game

Pumpkin House In Limache Escape

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Pumpkins in Chile are the best. You can find the biggest pumpkin in there. In fact, someone built a pumpkin house. That is the main attraction of the place right now. That news brought you so much thrill so you went to Limache to see it. It was the best house that you've ever seen. The best thing about the pumpkin house is that they give out free pumpkin soup. There are also rumors that the pumpkin house serves the best soup in the world. Unfortunately, the house is not open when you got there. You tried to knock but seem like nobody's home. The thing is, your flight back home is due tomorrow. You can't wait for it to open so you sneaked your way in.

You thought that you can finally have a taste of that soup but you are wrong. There is no prepared soup on the table so you just decided to go home. The problem is, the door won't open. Because of that, you have to use your logic to find a way to escape from the pumpkin house in Limache. Pumpkin House In Limache Escape is another exciting room escape by Enagames. Have fun!

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