Pumpkin Garden Escape Game

Pumpkin Garden Escape

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Assume in this game you are a traveller who have been roaming all over the worl for years, constantly discovering hidden places which are not mentioned any guide books. One day you received an e-mail from one of your best friends who invited you to the countryside to explore the mountains which encircled his little village. You accepted this opportunity and a few days later you were already hiking amongst the highest peeks in your country. One day you reached a small  farm where you were hosted by a kind man who owned it. You decided to help him cultivate his plough-land in exchange of the hospitality. You were harvesting the pumpkins when suddenly you glanced a big storm. It was approaching so you suspended the harvest and wanted to retreat to the small house but found its entrance locked. Search for different objects around and fit them together to open it. Good luck!



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