Pumpkin Farm Escape Game

Pumpkin Farm Escape

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Your parents take you to a farm every vacation time. You really enjoy your time there and your parents want you to appreciate their business. They're planning to hand over the business to you but you feel like you're not prepared yet. They're not rushing you though. They somehow understand how challenging it might be to live in a digital world and to have manual labor in the farm. Still they really wish you can take over. You're trying your best as well. You don't want to disappoint your parents as well. So you're here to get a feel of the place. The pumpkins catch your attention. You can have many jack-o-lanterns for the Halloween with these and it will really give you a huge profit. You slowly feel good about having the farm. But you believe you still have a lot to learn.

Your thoughts are already wandering everywhere that you're not minding your steps anymore. You look around and you can't recognize on which part of the farm you're visiting. But you know that you have to get back to your main house before darkness falls. Or you'll be in big trouble. Play Pumpkin Farm Escape outdoor escape game by Mouse City.


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