Pumpkin Boy Escape Game

Pumpkin Boy Escape

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Pumpkin Boy Escape is a brand new point and click spooky boy rescue escape game from Amgel Escape for more fun with us everyday. Enjoy!

It's Halloween and the pumpkin boy is once again busy producing pumpkins and carving faces on it to make the place scary. The witch also helps this boy but on that eve of Halloween, but something happened however and the witch have been at it all day solving that problem, now he needs help from you escape players! The pumpkin boy got lost in somewhere and the witch had already released her minions to search for him, still they turned-up nothing. Escape players, somebody needs help here in the spooky landscape, care to join in and see if you can all make the rescue for the missing pumpkin boy?

That boy had already fulfilled his mission, but to really make the pumpkins alive, he must put on the last touch on them and he only has the power to do that. Use the best of your skills and logic then so you can find that missing pumpkin boy somewhere. Good luck everyone and be very careful as well, for the spooks there doesn't discriminate who they scare. Have fun everyone!

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