Puffin Bird Escape

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In the slums here where Noah lives, there is hardly any hope for a better life. But for him he knows he was born to be better, one day he’ll get there and even when there is no hope here then he’ll create his own and be free. But first his kindness will be tested however, for when he checked his house for he keeps hearing this strange sound coming from somewhere, he found what seems to be a puffin inside one of his old cages!

Why did that puffin enter his old cage is unknown to him, but what’s strange though was why there was a puffin here? This place is really hostile for animals that do not live-off from humans, but this puffin actually made it here, or maybe some ruffians threw it and it managed to get inside his cage. Well whatever the reason is he needs to bring this puffin back to the wild for this is no place for it. Escape players, want to help Noah here free this creature before somebody sees it? Quickly then for it will definitely get harassed in this place due to its different and interesting looks.

Puffin Bird Escape is brand new point and click animal rescue escape game released by Games 2 Jolly.

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Walkthrough video for Puffin Bird Escape

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