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Puerta Juego

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You're inside a store to choose for your door. Your newly renovated house will be done soon and you only need the doors to complete it. You already have a design in mind and you're searching for it in different stores. However, you can't seem to find one. Until you enter the old store. Inside you can only see doors. The store has stores of different kinds. Most of them looks mystical and enchanted. You can't help but touch and open each one. Then you reach a door that has a room. You're thinking the door may lead to more rooms with more designs. However, it only leads to a room with no way out. You try to return to the previous room. Then again, nothing opens and you have to find the way out on your own. But there's no easy way out.

You roam around the room and look for the key. However, what you find are items to relate and puzzles to solve. You try to skip all of those. Then again, nothing works when you don't go through each of them. Likewise, you don't know what's even behind the doors. Play Puerta Juego room escape game by G7 Games and go through doors to freedom.

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