Psychiatric Hospital Game

Psychiatric Hospital

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Everybody knows you as a happy person. You find almost everything funny and you really laugh out loud. However, some people don't get that. You are in a different city right now and nobody knows your fun personality. They thought that you are crazy when you laughed about something that you just remembered. People thought that you are crazy and that you are a threat to the city. Because of that, they called for medical assistance they someone grabbed you and put you in the Psychiatric Hospital. This is a massive misunderstanding. You explained yourself clearly but they didn't believe you. It left you no choice but to escape from this hospital. You don't belong in here.

You are not insane and you have to prove that by solving all the puzzles in the room. There are clues in there that you can see and you have to analyze those to solve the puzzles quickly. There are also items in the room that you can use for your escape plan. You just need to think hard and use your logic to convert those items into an escape tool. Play this room escape game by WoW Escape and find a way to escape from the Psychiatric Hospital. Best of luck!

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