Prominent House Escape Game

Prominent House Escape

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You heard about a prominent house from your friends. They were all gushing about how beautiful the house was. But they also had the same complaints about it. They all complained about the security. It was not because they didn't feel safe while staying there. Instead, it was because of the confusing security features. They all experienced being locked up in some places inside the house. You looked at your friends' faces and how they changed from smiling to frowning. It was fun for you that you couldn't hold back your laughter. They turned to you to ask what was funny. You breathed deeply to speak properly. Then you told them about what you thought of their stories. You thought they were just being clumsy and forgetful. They didn't appear to be too happy with your remarks. So they challenged you to stay in the prominent house.

You faked a look of surprise and this fueled them to book the place for you immediately. Then you all went your separate ways until you meet again the following week. They fell for your trap. You were to stay at the house for the weekend for free and try not be locked in. But it seemed impossible. Play Prominent House Escape room escape game by Games 2 Rule.

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