Professor Escape 2

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The professor is still trapped somewhere in a room in his house and of course Vin will continue to get him out before he gets late for his duty at the school. Vin never thought that he could get so deeply trapped in his own place here and because the house is not at all familiar to him, he is having a hard-time in trying to get the professor out of the room without destroying anything. Vin cannot stop now for he is the quickest help the professor will get and he is already close in getting him out, will Vin finally be able to get this trapped professor out?

Escape players, keep going with the rescue here with Vin, use more of your skills and logic for a final as well as a successful rescue. Place yourself on the shoes of Vin here everyone, keep looking for a way to get him out and of course without causing much damage to anything in the premises.

Check-out this challenge everyone for fun! Professor Escape 2 is another new point and click indoor rescue escape game made by 8b Games. This game is a continuation of the first one as its sequel.