Probe Inside The Triangle Game

Probe Inside The Triangle

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You toss and turn in your sleep. You're dreaming but it also feels real. Someone or something keeps on mentioning the word triangle. Then the gravity stone is mentioned as well. What do these two words have to do with each other. You know very well the importance of the gravity stone. You've undergone a great deal of challenge the last time you acquired it. Now you may have to acquire it again but what's with the triangle. Seeing no connection between the two, you ask your superiors about. But instead of telling you directly, they let you in a library to search it for yourself. They're saying that it can't be found on the internet as information is easily stolen there. So to keep the safe, they stay on the pages of the book you're looking for. After a few hours of search, you finally have it.

You sit down to look for the information. But then your seniors close the book and tell it to you directly. You look at them in disbelief. Both for their actions but also because of the location. You have to visit the pyramids for the stone you're looking for. Play Probe Inside The Triangle outdoor escape game by Enagames.

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