Private Fitness Room Escape Game

Private Fitness Room Escape

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It's time for fitness again for Helen had been cooped-up in her home for far longer, so she got an online tutor for fitness and the session for an entire week had been great! Helen felt extra energized and not only because of the coach, but also with the equipment in her gym room which she fortunately bought last year. But she really didn't have the time back then for she was busy, now she has all the time in the world. That day, she was done with her latest session, now it's time to do some gardening before freshening-up, well that's if she can get to her living-room first for when she tried the door of her gym room, she realized it was locked and she couldn't get herself out!

Helen was confused for the lock was on her side but she couldn't budge the door still, something is blocking it from the outside or the lock itself is busted. Whichever it is Helen is still energized and enthusiastic because of the exercise, that is giving her the boost to solve this problem happily. Escape players, come and try this escape adventure as well with Helen, try your best to escape from her gym room and hopefully you'll be happy as well.

Private Fitness Room Escape is a brand new point and click room escape game from Genie Fun Games.

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