Prison Ruins 2

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A crew of five paranormal investigators are roaming around the infamous Cagwell Palace dungeons. The place has been abandoned for nearly two hundred years and is famous for ghostly sightings. Cagwell Palace was once owned by an evil couple. Though members of the genteel, they secretly kidnap and torture young women, then selling them to brothels after. The angry townspeople marched into the palace and from the highest tower, the couple lept to their deaths rather than being captured. Nowadays, the ghostly couple is  seen leaping from the tower every full moon.

Spirits of young women and little girls wander the halls and far away screams are heard in the dead of the night. Those who did not survive the tortures were thrown away in a canal flowing at the back of the palace. But always, the screams are coming from the prison at the very depths of the palace itself. The paranormal investigators are filming a scene when suddenly, loud scream broke the silence in the dungeon. The cameraman turned to the source of the scream and was taken aback when a figure of a young woman with bound hands appeared in one of the cages. She uttered a weak ‘Help me’, and then faded into thin air.

This is the second Prison Ruins game developed by Ainars for Escape Fan. Let’s solve puzzles to get out of this dark abandoned prison as quickly as possible!

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Walkthrough video for Prison Ruins 2

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