Princess Atta Escape

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This forest here actually has a lot of wonder and enchantment, well more enchantment at least, for when Gunther went in there and being a jerk to everything, he got punished by the place itself! It was a very strange thing, but now he is as small as the ants there. Gunther faced a lot as a small thing there, insects that are suppose to be small are now as big as him! Now he can’t deal with them and being all destructive too. Guess that’s what he deserves from being a total jerk to the forest there, and that day too he will be tested again.

All ant colony has a queen and it’s most of the time under the ground, but on this particular colony however, their queen was out in the surface and was even in some cage or some sort! Gunther is really not comfortable seeing that, he really thought this colony needs their queen here, so he is going to release her from there and maybe she can return to them. Guess Gunther is starting to soften here, will you help him then escape players so he can get this done cleanly and quickly?

Princess Atta Escape is another new point and click rescue escape game made by Big Escape Games.

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Walkthrough video for Princess Atta Escape

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