Primitive Penguin Escape

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It’s always fascinating that unusual animals tend to accidentally arrive in the village which was close to the sea, from then the sailors just move the animals back to the sea unless if it’s dead and needs to be buried. But that day however, Jericho witnessed quite an unusual thing again, for a penguin managed to arrive in the area and as weird as it can be, the animal seems to be relaxed and knows the place already!

When the penguin arrived at the docks, it ran straight to land and into the forest! Jericho was dumbfounded when he saw it that he was not able to move and try to catch it, but he soon got his bearings and followed it until he reached the old fort which was situated there. He is sure that the penguin went in there, he finally confirmed it though when the penguin broke a sound and now it seems to be trapped in there. This is definitely a weird start of the day for Jericho, but what can he do now? He’ll just have to free the animal and maybe return it to the sea for definitely, this place is not suppose to be a penguin’s usual stop. Escape players, want to help out on this?

Primitive Penguin Escape is a new animal rescue escape game developed by Games 4 King.