Pretty School Boy Escape Game

Pretty School Boy Escape

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Cynthia just got called again to that school boy's home for he needed help with his subjects especially math. Well Cynthia knows that she is good at math and the boy gives good snacks when she accepts, so that day she went to the boy's house for she doesn't have anything better to do that day. Cynthia walked to the boy's house for a few minutes and when she arrived, she noticed the door open, so she just entered and there she heard the cry for help!

Cynthia was instantly startled but then she stopped, that voice seems to have been coming from the boy whom she is going to help! Where in the world was he? Cynthia continued to investigate until, she found the boy actually trapped inside his room and it's weird for he was alone in the house which wasn't at all typically. Escape players, Cynthia is surely going to rescue the boy for she can't understand why his parents were missing. Care to join in the rescue here with Cynthia as quickly as possible before the boy gets hurt in his struggle?

Pretty School Boy Escape is a brand new point and click room rescue escape game released by 8b Games.

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