Pretty Princess Rescue Game

Pretty Princess Rescue

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Your father used to guard the royal family when you were younger. But you were only made aware of this when you were in college. Your father used to take you to self defense lessons and even made you join competitions. You liked every bit of it and thought that your father was just being supportive of you by joining the lessons. It turned out he was making sure he still got the skills to protect the royal family. After many years, your father retired and just stayed at home. But he didn't stop his practice with self defense and martial arts. You got a chance to talk to him about his job when someone knocked on your door. You opened it and was surprised to find one of the royal guards. He was asking for your father. Though confused, you still called your father.

Upon seeing the visitor, your father immediately asked about the royal family. The guard detailed the situation of the princess. You could see he really wanted to rescue the princess. So you offered to take the job for him. The guard agreed and your rescue started. Play Pretty Princess Rescue outdoor escape game by Avm Games.

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