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Pretty Modern House Escape

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After the terrible incident in your previous house, you're very ready to transfer to a new home. It was not expected but it was something uncontrollable. You're from an ancient world. It's actually a world no one remembers and no one knows. Your civilization ended on such a horrible event. Someone mysteriously attacked your village and got rid of your leader. And then slowly, everyone started to doubt each other. Then, the killings started. No one knew of your existence. You were a new born baby when it all happened. So your parents offered you to the gods above to save you. And the gods took you to the future to start over. Ever since you were little, some strangers were already giving you hints of your past. That's why you weren't surprised at all when a stranger stopped you. And he told you the whole story.

But your past came to the future and haunted your dreams. It's always showing the horrible days of your past. This was before everything vanished. And it's depressing for you. So you decided to start anew in a modern home where the stranger led you. This pretty modern house may rid you of the negative vibes of the past. Play Pretty Modern House Escape room escape game by Games Clicker and have a new beginning.

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  1. Date: December 22, 2016
    Author: dewed
    Games Clicker is a good name for these. Games where the cursor doesn't change ... make for a clickfest. This one wasn't as bad as some though.

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