Pretty Heroic Prince Escape

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The king have already sent Arman who was his most trusted right hand man to rescue his son the prince! He is currently pinned somewhere and he cannot get out from where he is hiding, he really needs a pick-up as discretely as possible for if ever the king sends in an army just for this rescue, the rebels as well as the people who joined-up with them will notice and there will be an all-out bloodshed across the lands for there are a lot of them scattering all around the place.

Arman is going to do this now and delicately, for if he ever makes a misstep then what they fear might just happen but just for him though. Escape players, Arman only has very few information of where the prince is and what is his current status, but he needs to come by with how little that is and take the chance for a rescue. Want to help Arman here on the rescue for the prince and quietly as well without anybody in the surrounding area seeing or noticing this attempt?

Pretty Heroic Prince Escape is the newest point and click area rescue escape game created by Games 4 King.

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Walkthrough video for Pretty Heroic Prince Escape

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