Pretty Fox Escape

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There was this fox living in the forest near the town and it was so pretty that when people looks at it, they get this sense of joy which they cannot explain, that is some exquisite animal indeed. But one day however, somebody seems to have gotten the wrong idea about that though, for one of the villagers discovered that fox and it’s trapped inside one of the buildings there in the town!

The one that discovered it was Duff when he was assigned to clean the roofing in one of the houses there. He was really concerned and a bit mad too for the owner of the house he is cleaning here actually had an idea of capturing that fox! For what though? Maybe for profit or something else? Well whatever the reason is he will have to free that animal but in doing so as quietly as he can. Escape players, Duff here just hopes this is just an accident, for if it isn’t then the one who did this is going to have a real problem. Will you be able to help-out so that this can be done and safely for the fox?

Fox Escape is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game from Games 4 King.

Walkthrough video for Pretty Fox Escape


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